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Templot In Full  -  10. how to ...

how to ...

This section is about how to perform specific tasks in Templot.

other sections:

1. download and installation

2. getting started

3. the control template

4. background templates

5. the storage box

6. track planning

7. background shapes

8. sketchboard

9. output

11. utilities and utensils

12. program

13. more ...

99. origins and intent

topics in this section:

create a run-round loop

create slips

create 3-way turnouts

create catch points

fit a turnout to existing curves

link between existing templates

wrap a picture shape to a curve

fit second turnout close behind first

create inside half-scissors


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link to this page: https://85a.uk/templot/companion/how_to_do_tasks.php