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  • The Plug Track functions are experimental and still being developed. Some of the earlier pages of this topic are now out-of-date.

    For an updated overview of this project see this post.   For some practical modelling aspects of using Plug Track see The Book of Plug Track.

    The assumption is that you have your own machines on which to experiment, or helpful friends with machines. Please do not send Templot files to commercial laser cutting or 3D printing firms while this project is still experimental, because the results are unpredictable and possibly wasteful.

    Some pages of this and other topics include contributions from members who are creating and posting their own CAD designs for 3D printing and laser-cutting. Do not confuse them with Templot's own exported CAD files.

Plug Track - progress at last

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Martin Wynne

West of the Severn UK
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I'm well chuffed. :)

After messing about with ideas for 3D-printed track from Templot off and on for about 4 years now, today is a red-letter day for me.

For the first time, I now have something actually usable on a model railway!

Templot can now export files to create chairs and timbering for a full switch. Any size of REA bullhead switch, any scale, any gauge, curved onto any radius. This is a C-switch in EM -- or it will be when I have made the switch blades. Assembled without glue, solder or gauges:





As usual the unpainted resin chairs are all but impossible to photograph. I will post some more pics when it's painted and installed in some ballast. It's crying out for a sole plate, I think I will look at doing that next.

Admittedly that's still not a full turnout -- all in good time. :)

But it would make a set of catch points, or could be combined with other kits or parts to build complex formations.

More importantly, it demonstrates that the Plug Track idea does actually work for pointwork. I was confident that it would, but until today I didn't have any actual evidence to prove it.

The "ABS-like" resin from Elegoo is excellent. It is strong, but slightly flexible with just enough "give" to allow easy assembly. Those tiny half-chair parts were a firm bash-fit in the timbering base. Easily seated home using a blunted cocktail stick as a punch, and without any damage.

These switch block chairs will be available in program update 236a, which should be on the server later this evening.


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