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3D Plug-Track? This process needs a name?

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Martin Wynne

West of the Severn UK
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After writing a lot of flannel for several years now about 3D printing track direct from Templot, I thought it's high time I posted some actual evidence. :)

So I roused the BIBO into action by waving an Allen key at it, and tried filament-printing some timbers with chair sockets.

It's the middle bit of a B-6 turnout in P4, with equalized timbering and some contraflexure. Only the middle bit, because as yet I have done only the S1 ordinary chairs. The resin-printed chairs pressed home quite easily without damage -- the rail is Exactoscale steel bullhead. The gauge measures 18.79-18.82mm, so only a small tweak needed on the gauge-adjustment setting.

Here's the result in the usual cruel close-up:

Normal layout view:




Nose in the ballast:


Chairs resin-printed on the little Elegoo Mars:


For more about what you are seeing, see:


If it stops raining later today, I will take some better pictures in sunshine, and give it a scoosh of grey primer to show the chair detail better.


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Matt M.

That is looking good Martin.

I was looking at doing this 10 years ago with metal plugs inserted into
either printed plastic sleepers or milled timber ones.
Metal due to the need to make dog spikes that worked at close to scale.
At the time metal printing was too expensive and problematical.

Now however bulk, loose, small part metal printing is very easy with some fantastic
systems that make it economical.

Properly done it should give perfect gauging every time.

Regards, Matt M.
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